November, 2014: Bhadrak (Orissa) : Addressees: Municipal Chairman Bro. Manas Kumar Mohanty, Divisional Director of Agriculture Bro. Mahesh Prasad Rath, Co-ordinator of the Rural Development B.K.Raju, B.K.Nathmal and B.K.Sis.Manju (program co-ordinator) at an awareness program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

November, 2014: Bhadrak (Orissa) : Addressees: Municipal Chairman Bro. Manas Kumar Mohanty, Divisional Director of Agriculture Bro. Mahesh Prasad Rath, Co-ordinator of the Rural Development B.K.Raju, B.K.Nathmal and B.K.Sis.Manju (program co-ordinator) at an awareness program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

August, 2014: Gadwal (Telangana) : At the Inauguration of the Om Shanti Garden, an awareness program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture was attended by Member of Legislative Assembly Sis. D.K.Aruna, Municipal Councillors, more than 300 farmers, and addressed by B.K.Mahadevi, B.K.Sumanth, B.K. Sujata, B.K. Lata, B.K. Manjula.

August, 2014: Adilabad (Telangana) : At the “Sustainable Yogic Agriculture” farmers' conference, addressees are B.K.Sumanth, B.K. Revathi, B.K.Sujata, B.K.Lata, B.K. Meenakshi and other eminent personalities where 300 farmers attended.


August, 2014: Umred (Maharastra) : At the inauguration of the farmers' conference, lighting the candles are: Nagpur Divisional Co-ordinator of Agriculture Bro. V. Ghavte, National Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing B.K.Rajubhai, Bro. Vijay Khavas, Bro. Dilip Bhoyar, B.K.Dashrathbhai, B.K.Gangadharbhai, B.K.Ashokbhai, B.K. Nitinbhai and B.K. Sis. Rekha. About 2000 farmers are benefited by this program.

August, 2014: Adayar (Tamilnadu) : B.K. Sis. Manisha and B.K. Sis. Muthumani explaining on the importance of Rajayoga as well as Sustainable Agriculture at a training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. Director of Dena Bank Bro. J. Balakrishnan and Bro. Kannaiyyappan addressed this program of about 200 farmers. Information Technology youth group were enthusiastic participants at the initiation of the Yogic Farming.

26 July, 2014: Jhalawad (Rajasthan) : A Farmers' Conference on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture was addressed by Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing B.K.Raju, Zilla Parishad Chairperson Sis. Manorama Jain, Project Director ATMA Bro. Kailashchand Meena, Deputy Director of Agriculture Bro. Mahesh Sharma, Bro. Anil Shrungi from Awaz NGO, Bro. Vishnu Prasad Patidar, Bro. Hukumchand Patidar expert in organic farming, District Development Manager of Nabard Bank Bro. Anil Kothmere. As a part of the farmers' conference, a training program held for 300 farmers was addressed by B.K.Sumanth, B.K.Sashikanth and B.K.Prahlad.

June 24, 2014: Mount Abu (Rajasthan): A Rajayoga Retreat-Cum-Dialogue on Holistic Rural Development through Spiritual and Natural Resources The Retreat was organized by the Rural Development Wing(RERF) of Brahma Kumaris from 20 to 24 June, 2014 at Gyan Sarovar, Mt Abu was accomplished successfully. Over 750 delegates from different parts of India representing authorities of Rural Development and Agriculture Department, Agriculture Scientists, N.G.O, and different groups participated in this program. Addressing the Inaugural session the Director General of Maharastra Council of Agriculture Research, Mr Maruti Savant said that our villages are still dependent on chemical fertilizers based agriculture, where it is high time to adopt organic yogic farming.

Bro. Harnath Jagawat, Director of N.M Sadguru Foundation, Dahod, Gujarat said that it is due to excessive usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides carcinogenic incidents are increasing. By reinstating Sustainable Yogic Agriculture as ancient agricultural practice the farmers can evolve a better yield. By adopting this durable agriculture method farmers can become wealthier over a period of time. He emphasized that a new green revolution can be brought through concentrated efforts in tribal pockets.

Sis. BK Sarla, National co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing clarified the aim & objective of the Retreat and said that in the ancient past there was no much of selfish attitude in the farmers, but they were used to nurture the nature through able and great thoughts. It is only through organic yogic farming the farmers can yield high quality nutritious crops.

BK Raju, H. Q. Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing said that the tribals who stay close to the nature can better understand the changes in the nature. He appealed to protect the natural resources. He said that our Social evils are blocking the path of our progress. Spirituality is the key to overcome this situation. By leading a spiritual life- style one can protect the natural resources. For that, it is necessary to elevate the life and character. Our emotions as well as the power of internal pure thoughts can change the environment and flourish the nature.

Sis. BK Rani, Senior Rajayoga Teacher from Bihar expressed good wishes in the programme. She appealed to sow the seeds of pure thoughts. If purity appears in mind, word and deed, automatically relationship will build up with the nature and this trail leads to the development.

Bro. BK Mruthyunjaya, Vice-President, Education Wing said that western convergence has eclipsed the rural lifestyle. He said that internal impurities are the reason behind all five elements getting polluted. Through an awakened consciousness a beautiful co-ordination can be established between nature and a human being .

Sis. BK Mamta from Alwar, Rajasthan, said that if each person begins to transform himself then holistic rural development will happen automatically. It is only through the Spiritual Science that we can awaken each one's mind and the Soul. If spiritual science reaches each Indian, then definitely the rising sun of holistic development can be visible. She gave more clarifications on the aspect of development of natural resources through spiritual resources.

Executive Member of the Rural Development Bro. BK Rajendra from Palwal extended Vote of Thanks. Sis. BK Geeta from Bhinmal co-ordinated the stage.

A Special Seminar for Agriculture Scientists : The scientists enthusiastically participated in the seminar with the theme “ Joining Hands for Sustainable Agriculture” with great zeal. About 70 agriculture scientists from all parts of India pledged to co-operate this campaign. A Road map was framed to do yogic farming in different research places, Universities and at farmers places for demonstration. Scientists who are undertaking different trails at various universities made their scientific presentations. Farmers who have adopted yogic farming have shared their rich experiences with the scientists. Got highly inspired with the practical experiences, the scientists have unanimously passed a resolution requesting Indian Council of Agricultural Research to recognize Sustainable Yogic Agriculture as an Innovative way of farming.

Valedictory Session: Heralding Golden Rural India through Spiritual and Natural Resources

Bro. B. Nijalingappa, Special Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Jharkhand said that the villagers have an important role to make the Nation prosperous, Happy & Healthy. The overall development of Villages, the ancient heritage of Indian Culture should not be neglected. He emphasized on saving forests. He appreciated the efforts initiated by Brahma Kumaris to promote Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project.

Sis. BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing said that knowing thyself, shall be the solution for all the problems in this materialistic world to conserve our natural resources. The power of purity can only guide this world and help in improving the diversity of the nature. She emphasized that the Yogic Farming proves to be the best way of cultivating crops with rich micro as well as macro nutrient contents.

Bro. BK Balasaheb a progressive farmer and an expert in Yogic Agriculture from Ichalkaranji expressed his views that encouraging the farmers to adopt yogic agriculture paves the way of making an ideal village. Adopting Sustainable Yogic Agriculture improves the physical health. This campaign also serves in Inner Capacity Building of the villagers.

Sis. B K Lakshmi, Rajyoga Teacher from Hansi shared many remedies to save natural resources. It is by uplifting the human values every impossible task can be made possible. One should adopt spiritual lifestyle so that the nature becomes rich. This will protect the nature from pollution or degradation and paves the way towards attaining the satopradhan stage. Since nature comforts us it is our duty to prevent our natural resources from getting polluted.

Later Bro. BK Satveer & Sis. BK Swati from Delhi expressed their views on Holistic Rural Development.


June, 2014: Delhi : BK Satveer & Sis. BK Swati from Delhi B.K.Sis.Sapna explaining about the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project to the Union Minister for Agriculture Bro. Radha Mohan Singh. She extended an invitation to the retreat to be held at Gyan Sarovar on “Spiritual and Natural Resources for Holistic Rural Development”.

May, 2014: Bangalore : After giving a message on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project, Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing B.K.Raju is giving a godly gift to the vice chancellor of University of Agricultural Sciences, Dr. K. Narayana Gowda.


March 10, 2014: Assandh (Haryana): Lightening the lamps at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training programme held at Brahma Kumaris Center in Assandh are Deputy Director of Agriculture Dr. Pawan Sharma, former regional director Dr.J.C. Mahela, Dr. Man Singh, Director of Brahma Kumaris Punjab BK Amirchand, BK Raju, BK Lakshmi, BK Usha. Dr. Subhash Gill, BK Sumanth, BK Neelam and BK Sarita addressed this programme. BK Meharchand co-ordinated this successful programme. Above 1000 farmers took advantage of this programme.

February 27, 2014: Akluj (Maharastra): Inaugurating the Sustainable yogic Agriculture exhbition stall at the "Shiv Ratna Krishi-2014" is former deputy chief minister of Maharastra,Bro.Vijay Singh Mahite Patil, BK Somprabha, BK Nanda, BK Shrikant with others. Awareness is brought among thousands of farmers through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture exhibition.

February 13, 2014: Nagpur (Maharastra): Celebrating farmers' great contribution to our economy, Government of India and Government of Maharashtra along with CII as a strategic partner are jointly organising Krishi Vasant 2014 between 09 – 13 February 2014 at the country's most central location and  agriculturally vibrant city of Nagpur. Brahma Kumaris contributed their services at Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Stall. More than 1.5lakh farmers were introduced with the concept of Sustainable Yogic Farming. This stall was inaugurated by the General Manager of Maharastra Agriculture Industrial Development Corporation at Mumbai, BK Pushparani, BK Somprabha, Former MLA Bro. Vinayakrao, Radakeji with other brothers and sisters. It was the biggest ever congregation of farmers from the entire country, agro-industries, research organizations Krishi Vigyan Kendras, State Governments, Financial Institutions and all other stake-holders. The event is unique because more than 300 live demonstration plots of cereals, pulses, fodder, oilseeds, vegetables and fiber-crops are being organised.  Best quality animals, poultry and fish will also be on display.

January 26, 2014: Bangalore (Karnataka): During the great national festival held at Lalbagh theRural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, Brahma Kumaris, Chamarajept Branch, Bangalore, have also arranged a stall for the farmers from 17-01-2014 to 26-01-2014 to convey the message about Yogic farming and Ideal Village. Thousands of people visited the stall and taken the information about the Yogic Kethi and Ideal Village and appreciated this innovative concept.

In this great national festival Rural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, Brahma Kumaris, Chamarajept Branch, Bangalore, have also displaced their stall from 17-01-2014 to 26-01-2014 to convey the message about Yogic Kethi and Ideal Village. Thousands of people visited the stall and taken the information about the Yogic Kethi and Ideal Village and appreciated the innovative concept.

January 20, 2014: Mount Abu (Rajasthan): Earlier, the task of environment protection was carried out by the United Nations on the basis of science. Later they realized that more than science, spiritual organizations can play a better and significant role in awakening people on this subject. Thus, the General Secretary of United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, from UK decided to work together with various religious and spiritual organizations across the globe. To this effect, Hindu Environment Week is being organized through Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies in temples and spiritual organizations throughout the world.

Under this campaign, Holistic Environment Exhibition was organized in Gyan Sarovar complex of the Brahma Kumaris at Mt.Abu, from 17 th to 23 rd February 2014. To bring awareness on this matter, a public programme was organized on 20 th February 2014 for national and international guests.

Addressing the gathering in this programme, Sister Jayanti, Director of Brahma Kumaris centers in Europe and Middle East, in her speech said, “ Global warming and climate change are causing imbalance in the environment. Natural calamities are on the rise across the globe. Internal pollution (pollution of the human mind) is the reason for external pollution in the atmosphere. In today's world, vices are not letting us make the best use of science. The one and only way to attain victory over the vices is spirituality.”

Sister Jayanti added, “ Environment can be protected through conservation of energy, renewable energy, reuse and recycling programmes. The various activities carried out by Brahma Kumaris for protection of environment are regularly presented in the conferences of the United Nations for the last 7 years.

The Chief Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Janki, said that spirituality brings truthfulness, cleanliness and simplicity in one's life and that these values form the basis for the protection of environment. She also mentioned that the practice of Rajayoga Mediation brings about transformation in one's life and that this spiritual path of non-violence, love and benevolence can rejuvenate the environment.

The coordinator of Scientists and Engineers Wing of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Kumar Brother Mohan, presented details of the various conferences and campaigns on environmental protection held by Brahma Kumaris till date in India. In the last few years, 19 campaigns were held in India to bring awareness on this subject to lakhs of people. As a fruit of such efforts, awards like Paryavaranshri, Green Idol were conferred on the Brahma Kumaris.

The coordinator of Rural Development Wing of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Kumar Brother Raju, presented details of the various efforts undertaken through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture to make agriculture pollution-free. Thousands of farmers have benefitted globally and they realize that they can make land, water and food free from pollution through this technique of agriculture. Brother Raju emphasized on the re-establishment of bio-diversity through yogic agriculture.

The advisor of the Solar One Project of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Kumar Brother Golo said that Brahma Kumaris are the pioneers among various spiritual organizations in the usage of solar energy. For many decades, Brahma Kumaris have been using solar cooking system to serve thousands of people.

Brother Jignesh Patel of Bhoomi Project threw light on the purpose of this programme. The Director of Gyan Sarovar - Academy for a Better World of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Kumari Dr. Nirmala, gave her good wishes for the programme. Sister Valerian conducted guided meditation and BK.Srinidhi compered the programme.

December 21, 2013: Tonk (Rajasthan): At the Inauguration of the Training Programme was inagurated by the local MLA Bro. Ajit Singh Mehtai. Project Director of ATMA Bro. Rajendra Khandelwal, BK Sushma, BK Chandrakala, BK Geeta, BK Sumanth addressed the Training Programme. A following field visit was also arranged at the model farm near Tonk. 700 people reached for the field visit..


December 2013: Bangalore (Karnataka): A Field visit programme was organised at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Farm located at Doddaballapur village. This program was addressed by BK Padma, Assistant Director of Horticulture Sis. Lakshmi Raju along with other officials of the Horticulture Department. About 100 farmers took part in this programme. 20 Brahma Kumari surrendered sisters took lot of inspirations from this field visit. This programme was followed by the visit of GKVK Scientists.

November 2013: Meeraj (Maharastra): After the Awareness Programme on Sustainable Yogic Farming a group photo with Dy. Chairperson of Panchayat Samiti Sis. Meena Solanki, BK Nivedita, BK Hema and BK Balasaheb with other officials.

November 2013: Swaroopnagar(Delhi): As a part of All India Rural Women Empowerment and Sustainable Yogic Agriculture programme Campaignheld at Swaroopnagar. Former Corporator Bro. Surendra Khare, Bro. Rajesh Yadav, reputed social worker Bro. Rajesh Yadav, BK Sharda and BK Rajkumari addressed this programme. Hundreds of Farmers benefited by this programme. BK Shubra co-ordinated this Programme.

November 2013: Jaitpur(Delhi): At grand launching programme of the All India Rural Women Empowerment campaign held at Jaitpur in New Delhi. This campaign started from Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). Bro. K.B. Barut from CISF inaugurated this campaign. BK Usha, BK Rajendra, BK Rachna with others heading the campaign.


November 2013: Azadpur(Delhi): A Photo of the All India Rural Women Empowerment Campaign held at Delhi. This programme was addressed by BK Rajkumari of Majlis Park along with eminent personalities. About 100 villagers took part in this programme.



October 10 2013: Vadgaon(Mah.): Sis. Vaishali presenting a Momento of the Golden world to the MLA Bro. Dr. Sujit Minechkar at the programme on Clean and Golden Rural India Programme. BK Balasaheb addressed this programme. 80 people involving sarpanch and the local authorities were benefited by this campaign.

October 2013: Unnao(UP): Addressing a training Programme held on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture is BK Balasaheb. District Agricultural Officer Bro. O.P. Mishra, BK Rajendra, BK Kusum and BK Rampal. More than 300 Farmer are benefited by this training programme.

October 2013: ORC(Haryana): A grand Inaugural Programme on All India Rural Women Empowerment Campaign held at ORC. Director of Om Shanti Retreat Center BK Asha along with additional secretary of Brahma Kumaris BK Brij Mohan, Bro. Manoj Khatri, BK Jaiprakash, BK Rajbahen, BK Rajendra, BK Satvir, BK Rachna along with the other participants of the campaign.

October 2013: ORC(Haryana): A grand Inaugural Programme on All India Rural Women Empowerment Campaign held at ORC. Director of Om Shanti Retreat Center BK Asha along with additional secretary of Brahma Kumaris BK Brij Mohan, Bro. Manoj Khatri, BK Jaiprakash, BK Rajbahen, BK Rajendra, BK Satvir, BK Rachna along with the other participants of the campaign.

October 2013: Mount Abu: On extensive briefing about services of the Rural Development Wing to the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Bro. Sarvey Satyanarayana literature of Rural Development Wing was submitted by B.K. Sashikant and B.K. Sumanth.

October 2013: Lucknow (UP): Inauguration of the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture and Rural Women Empowerment Campaign in Uttarpradesh are Director of Agriculture- Uttar Pradesh Bro.Dr. D.M. Singh, President officers association Bro. Dr. S.K. Singh, National Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing Sis. BK Sarla, Sis. BK Radha, Sis. BK Saroj and Bro. BK Badri are seen in the photo.


October 16, 2013: Dahod(Guj.): At Inauguration of Akhil Gujarat Adivasi Jagruti Abhiyaan at by Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Hon Minister, Rural Development, Gujarat, Others in picture: BK Ratanmohini Dadiji, Joint Administrator, Brahmakumaris, Dr Prabhaben Taviad, Member of Parliament, Dahod(Guj), BK Sarla Didiji, Administrator, Gujarat Zone, Brahmakumaris, BK Sarla didi , National Coordinator, Rural Development Wing, Brahmakumaris & Subzone Incharge, Mehsana, BK Dr. Niranjana didi, Sub Zone Incharge, Brahmakumaris, Vadodara, BK Rajubhaiji, HQ Coordinator, Rural Devp Wing, Mt Abu, BK Surekha, Subzone Incharge, Brahmakumaris, Godhra,  BK Kapila, Brahmakumaris Dahod and Mahamandleshwar Sevanand, Kachhla Ashram, Limkheda, Dahod. 


The Rural Development Wing of Brahmakumaris have launched an initiative called RURAL WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROJECT. This project is aimed at empowering rural women through various programmes across the country. During the empowerment programme, awakening programmes for rural women on Sustainable Yogic Farming for Livelihood Generation, Improved seeds and agriculture practices, De-addiction, Health & Hygiene, Education, Cleanliness, Participation in Village Development, Value Based Life Style, Rights and Duties, etc will be undertaken.

As a part of this project, “Akhil Gujarat Adivasi Jagruti Abhiyan” is being launched on 16 October 2013 from Dahod (Gujarat). This will include 3 vehicle rally each for 10 days with 12 expert divine speakers and will cover Tribal area 13 districts, about 44 Talukas / Blocks and many Tribal Pockets and Clusters across Gujarat State. This particular initiative has been well received by Government and Non Government Departments and the Hon. Tribal Welfare Minister of Gujarat and Hon. Agriculture and Rural Development Minister of Gujarat have agreed to remain present in the inaugural function on 16 th October 2013 at Dahod (Gujarat). We are expecting about 10000 participation mainly Tribal women and Farmers on the day of inauguration.

The Three Rallies will be travelling in three different directions across Tribal belt of Gujarat for 10 days and with collaboration of different Local Brahmakumaris Centre and Government departments/ Panchayat / Women Federation / High schools and Colleges / NGOs / Tribal Association etc various programmes including Health camp, Cattle Health camp , Livelihood Generation through Agriculture etc will be organised.

The 3 rallies will altogether cover about 3300 Kms. Many capacity Building and Awakening Programmes will be organised for Rural Tribal Women mainly involved in Agriculture.

September 23, 2013: Bhaktpur(Nepal): In a training programme to farmers and agriculture scientists at NEA Hall Bhaktapur, Kathmandu seated on the dais among others are Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development Mr. Chhabi Raj Panta, BK Raj Didi, Director of Kathmandu Nepal Zone with BK Kiran Didi and HQ. Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing BK Raju, BK Sumanth, BK Kiran Raval, BK Mahendra Thakur and BK Tilak . BK Babamainya co-ordinated the programme.

September 22, 2013: Khatmandu: Honorable Vice President Bro. Parmananda Jha of Nepal & Hq. coordinator of the Rural Development Wing Bro.BK Raju after lighting Inaugural lamp in the programme organized to inaugurate a Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Campaign in Kathmandu and to welcome Rural Development Wing team who are in Kathmandu Nepal Zone with various programmes training and awareness programmes targeted to agriculturists & farmers. Also in the picture are Director of Brahma Kumaris Nepal Sis.Raj Didi, Director of Nepal, Mrs. Jha, Sis. BK Kiran Raval, BK Sumanth, BK Mahendra , BK Tilak with other Brothers and Sisters. This Campaign held for 10days to cover 14 districts of Nepal.


August : Port Louis : Group Photo of Honourable President of Mauritius Bro. Kailash Paryag with HQ. Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing BK Raju, National Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing BK Sarla, BK Rajesh Dave, BK Harsha Dave, BK Ragini and BK Gaitree.

HQ. Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing BK Raju, National Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing BK Sarla, Executive Member of Rural Development Wing BK Rajesh Dave with BK Harsha Dave on their extensive service trip to Mauritius for ten days addressed 10 programs on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project.

Awareness programs were held at AERU, Training centers, Krishi Vigyan Kendra and at different places. This project attracted lot of interest in the public and many have come forward to apply these techniques at their firm. This delegatation had a privilege to meet honorable president of Mauritius for one and half hour to explain about various developments through this project in India. Honorable president also expressed his interest to learn Rajyoga Meditation. BK Sarla tied Rakhi to the president and his wife. The delegation also met high commissioner of India at Mauritius to brief him about the project. Mauritius is a country dependent upon Agriculture thus receiving wonderful services through this project.

June 22, 2013 : Hyderabad: Group Photo after meeting with the Rural Development Wing's delegation with the Zonal Project Director (Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh) of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Dr. N. Sudhakar. In the photo are Bro. Karunakar Reddy is Executive Director of Smaat Aqua Technologies, BK Sunita, BK Sumanth and BK Murli. The same Group also met Dr. G.V.Ramanjaneyulu Executive Director of Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

June 19, 2013 : Kakinada: A "Rythu Chaitanya Sadassu" a training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at kakinada to benefit 225 farmers around the area. Joint Director of Agriculture Sis. Jayamani, Project Director of Rural Development Agency, Project Director of ATMA Sis. Anjali, Organic farming specialist Bro.Gopala Krishna, BK Sumanth, BK Sunita and BK Gyan Singh addressed BK Ranjni co-ordinated this program. About 225 Farmers benefited by this program.

June, 2013 : Uchal: Addressing a Program at Sumul Dairy on Pure Milk Production is Sis.BK Geeta. Director of Sumul Dairy Bro.Jeetubhai Desai, Bro.Kamleshbhai and Sunilbhai addressed the Program. Around 60 executives of the dairy participated in this program.

June 18, 2013 : Umred: Addressing the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Training held is the Joint Director of Agriculture Bro. Vijay Avte of Nagpur Division, BK Balasaheb, BK Bholenath, BK Ashok addressed this program. BK Rekha co-ordinated this program. About 150 farmers are benefited by this program.

June 18, 2013 : Vizianagaram: A training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held for 150 farmers. State Co-ordinator of BK Sunita, BK Rajani, BK Sumanth, BK Gyan Singh took the training. BK Annapoorna and BK Latha co-ordinated the program.

May 20, 2013 : Goa-Mapusa: Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) organized a one day seminar at the Conference hall of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in Old Goa. About 100 invitees were present for the event that included renowned agricultural scientists, Sr. Govt. officers and local farmers.

The programme was inaugurated by Hon'ble MLA and Chairman of Kala Academy Bro. Vishnu Wagh. Director, ICAR, Bro. N. P. Singh, KVK Project Director, Dr. Raj Narayan and Progressive Farmer Father Inacio Almeida were present on the dais at the inaugural ceremony. Shobha bahenji spoke about the importance of introducing spirituality in every sphere of our life. Balasaheb bhai was the main resource person and conducted two informative sessions. Darshana bahen also shared her experiences. Bro. Sanjeev Mayekar conducted Power Point Presentation on activities that are being carried out presently in Goan farms through ‘Shaswat Yogic Farming.' The audience was left spellbound with the statistics that were presented to them in support of this new concept implemented in various states across India.

Glorified services through Shaswat Yogic Farming' in Goa got a boost through a training programme organised which was attended by over 150 people from all over Goa. Few officials from the Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Goa as our esteemed guests. Bro. Pramod Joshi, Superintendent, Codar Farms, Old Goa, Bro. Sanjeev Mayekar, Zonal Agricultural Officer, Mapusa, Goa and Bro. Amancio Fernandes, Ex Asst. Director, Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Goa were amongst those who expressed their good wishes for the success of the project in Goa. Shobha bahenji welcomed the gathering while Darshana bahen spoke about the objectives of Yogic Farming.


May 10, 2013 : Mount Abu: Addressing a Retreat on Rural Leadership and Inner Capacity Building is Bro. Pradeep Jain “Aditya” , honorable Minister of State for Rural Development, Government of India, New Delhi. He said that heralding a new golden era in the rural areas is not just possible with the economic development but it needs emphasis on social life based on unity and value based life style. He said that the corruption has not just remained to the urban areas but reached in-depth to all the corners of rural India. Even the milk and vegetables are not being left over from adulteration and toxicity. Only spirituality can get rid of all these situations. One should be moral and service minded while giving up their ego of the position and financial status. Spirituality has to be given an important place in our life so that the inner consciousness is not burdened with vices in this materialistic world.

BK Nirwair, General Secretary of Brahma Kumaris said that every person has his own positive aspects of life. For awakening such inner capacities practice of Rajyoga meditation and Spiritual Knowledge can prove very helpful.

Dr. BK Nirmala, Director of Gyan Sarovar Academy for a Better World said that heralding a new golden era is possible through spiritual application with the merits of action.

Bro. Niten Chandra, Special Secretary for General Administration, Government of Orissa said that the rural people are true decorators of Rural India. He commended the efforts made by Brahma Kumaris to enhancing the moral values in the rural communities.

Bro. Aditya Shastri, Vice Chancellor of Banasthali Vidyapeeth said that it is practice of ancient India , that leaders used to be created through their practical education. The values used to be delivered to the students from their Guru. They were true source of inspiration by their practical life. He emphasized on dire need of spirituality and practicality in Education for creating leadership skills in the students.

BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator said that aiming at the overall development of the villages, the villagers are to be tied in the bond of Unity along with the divine values of love, Peace and Happiness to bring a huge transformation in the Rural Living. We can promote the mammoth task of building Golden Rural India through spiritual upliftment. Efforts of Brahma Kumaris in the area of Rural Development are proving to be very fruitful.

BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing delivered welcome speech, BK Jagruti was the keynote speaker, BK Rajendra gave vote of thanks and BK Sharda well co-ordinated the stage.


May, 2013 : Amreli: Lighting the candles at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training are the Deputy Director of Agriculture Bro. Gadiya, Research Scientist Bro.Monparaji, BK Trupti, BK Manisha, BK Geeta and BK Veenu. More than 500 people are trained through this program.

March 19, 2013 : Junagadh: A Video Presentation on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project was made by BK Denise Lawarence during the Faculty and Student Counseling Program at the Jungadh Agricultural University(JAU). Hundreds of students and Faculties took advantage of this program. Detailed discussions held on Yogic Agriculture and Value in Education. Honorable Vice Chancellor of Junagadh Agricultural University was the chief guest at this program. BK Sashikant, BK Damyanti addressed this program.

February 28, 2013 : Parvatipuram(A.P.): Aiming to bring a good change in the cultivation methods and to make Agriculture more beneficial in supporting the livelihood of the small and marginal farmers - a conference on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture was organized at Parvatipuram. This conference was organized in collaboration with ATMA and Jattu Trust. Awareness was bought in the farmers about the successful Yogic Agriculture Project which involves practice of Meditation with organic cultivation. Addressing the Conference Bro. Reddy Subrahmnyam, Secretary of the Rural Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh said that it is high time that farmers realize for a change in the agricultural systems. He said that, it is only possible to bring such change through the participation of the farming community. He felt the dire need of promoting organic farming and appreciated the efforts of Brahma Kumaris for their initiative. Bro. Veerabrahmaiah, Collector of Vizianagaram District said that the farmers are currently utilizing excessive chemicals this increases the cost of cultivation. Employing organic methods can bring down the cost of cultivation. He assured of his support to Brahma Kumaris for their campaign to bring awareness on organic farming through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project. Sis. Suravarapu Jayamani , local MLA, said that the farmers can make others life healthy by bringing a change in farming methods. She emphasized the need to change the mindset of the Farmers for such framework. Farmers can explore to change their livelihood while following healthy lifestyle by the practice of Yogic Farming. Since Sustainable Yogic Agriculture will prove beneficial to improve both the physical as well as mental health in the farmers, she urged farmers to take advantage of this farming model. BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing and BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing were felicitated for their contribution in revolutionizing Agriculture through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project. Bro. J. Venkatrao RDO; Bro. Pari Naidu of Jattu Trust, Bro. BK Sumanth, BK Rajni, BK Annapoorna, BK Sasikala , BK Shilvaleela and BK Gyanaratnam addressed this program. About 6000 farmers participated in this conference. Stalls of Ideal Village, Yogic Farming, Puppet show on farming, De-addiction camp, Plant distribution attracted attention of the public.

February 10, 2013 : Bilaspur(Chattisgarh):A Panch,Sarpanch and Farmer's Conference held at Om Shanti Sarovar, Uslapur, Bilaspur. District Collector Bro. Ram Singh Thakur, BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator) of the Rural Development Wing, Deputy Director of Agriculture Bro. Chiranjeev Sarkar, Chairman District Panchayat Bro. Naresh Koushik, Professor Dr. R.B. Tiwari and Professor Dr. T.D. Pandey addressed this Program. This program was co-ordinated by Sis.BK Geeta. Approximately 350 people attend the program.

February 10, 2013 : Bilaspur(Chattisgarh):A Panch,Sarpanch and Farmer's Conference held at Om Shanti Sarovar, Uslapur, Bilaspur. District Collector Bro. Ram Singh Thakur, BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator) of the Rural Development Wing, Deputy Director of Agriculture Bro. Chiranjeev Sarkar, Chairman District Panchayat Bro. Naresh Koushik, Professor Dr. R.B. Tiwari and Professor Dr. T.D. Pandey addressed this Program. This program was co-ordinated by Sis.BK Geeta. Approximately 350 people attend the program.

February , 2013 : Korba(Chattisgarh): Lighting the lamps at the inauguration of De-addiction Center are MLA Korba Bro. Jaisingh Agrawal, Sindhi Samaj S.M. Bro. M D Makhija, President of Jilla Panchayat Sis. Shakuntala Kanwar, President Mamatya Prasar Samiti Sis. Indu Sharma, General Manager of Central Workshop at Steel Plant Korba Bro. K K Verma with BK Rukmani, Incharge Brahma Kumaris Center at Korba. Around 500 people attended this program.

February 07, 2013 : Rourkela(Chattisgarh): At the inauguration of �Rural Development Seminar� are the CEO of Rourkela Steel Plant Bro. Gouri Shankar Prasad, HQ. Co-ordinator of Rural Development Wing BK Raju, District Agriculture officer Bro. Purna Chandra Sai and Rourkela Center Incharge Sis. BK Bimla. Government officials involved in Rural Development, Block Development Officer and Sarpanch of the surrounding villages attended this program. It was followed by a meeting with 50 people representing Electronic and print Media. Program included experience sharing of the farmers which was much appreciated. Both the programs had wide media to benefit the Farmers in the area.

January 26, 2013 : Shahpur(Guj.): Lighting the candles at the Gujarat Regional Meeting of the Rural Development Wing are BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing; BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing; BK Chandrikabahen, National Co-ordinator, Youth Wing; BK Surekha, Gujarat Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing; BK Jayashree, BK Kanu, BK Bharat, BK Hasmukh with others.


January 25, 2013 : Hiroshima (Japan): At the International Sustainability Conference in Hiroshima Japan, from January 23 � 25, the BK team, including Charlie-bhai, Rajni-bhen, Mizue, Yasue and Evelyn participated. This event had representation from 46 countries.

The BK team led a poster session and a workshop on the theme of Inner Ecology: Aligning Awareness and Action for the Future We Want. Displaying posters and talking to individuals about the India One project, Yogic Agriculture and aspects of BK Lifestyle, the team was able to register around 300 participants during the poster session. Many showed great interest in the projects, especially the Yogic Agriculture.


December 26, 2012: Rajkot (Guj.): At the Inauguration of the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Stall in the Agritech Foundation Agricultural Fair is Jayesh Radadiya, BK Bhagwati, BK Anju and BK Kripal are seen in the photo. This fair held from 23 rd to 26 th December, 2012 at Shastri Maidan, Rajkot. More than one lakh people are benefited by this program.


November 29, 2012: Doha (Qatar): Valeriane Bernard addressing about yogic farming at Qatar Sustainable Expo at the United Climate Change Conference COP18.  A practical example of positive thinking is yogic farming, practised by a group of farmers in India, which has enabled them to �improve their produce without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides�, said Valeriane Bernard, who works with several NGOs and UN bodies. After they started to practice meditation, the farmers started seeing the world in a different light. They put the seeds they used in front of them, and also meditate on the land they were cultivating. That led to much better produce. This not only benefited the farmers economically, but also brought together farming communities that had been disintegrating due to economic difficulties. She explained about the how the farmers are benefited economically as well their improvement in the mental well being.

November 18, 2012 : Abu Road (Raj.):A conference for the representatives of the Rural Community, officials from NGO's, Government officials serving Agriculture and Rural Development, Agricultural Scientists, Progressive Farmers was hosted: A Spiritual Conference on Holistic Rural Development with 6000 delegates representing rural communities of India & Nepal. The Rural Development Wing (RERF) has been doing phenomenal service in transforming the lifestyle of the farming community, and bringing in a spiritual revolution while highlighting their relation with the five elements. This program has highlighted the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project.

Addressing the Conference Bro. Ajay Singh Choutala, President, Indian Table Tennis Association said that Almost 70% of our population are representing from Rural Areas . Our country is growing rapidly and this pace of development can be kept intact through consistent development of the villages. Therefore we need to pay attention to facilitate villages with the basic needs. India is an Agriculture dominant country. Until we concentrate upon the avenues of Agriculture and Rural Development country's development is not possible. Mere facilitating the villages with the modern technology can't only serve the development of villages. It is the need of the day to develop moral and spiritual values. It's time to bring awareness in the villagers alert them to live in harmony and overcome social evils. This is possible through Spiritual Revolution. He appreciated Brahma Kumaris for their contribution in fulfilling this major task.


Chief of Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Jankiji said that India is renowned to be a Golden land of the world. Lord shri Krishna also represent the rural areas. It is wonderful to see such a large gathering. Dadi is remembering days of her childhood. Dadi too had great interest in serving the rural community. It is amazing to see the extent to which the Rural Development Wing has done service. This is the wonder of spiritual love and cooperation. She emphasized that we need to come together to serve the Rural World for overcoming addictions, social evils and blind faiths to look forward for overall development of the villages. Villagers had to solve the differences of caste and creed with the spiritual knowledge. Developing Values in the villagers can serve in bringing harmony for establishing a Golden Rural India.


Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris Dadi Ratanmohini said that every effort has to be kept for bringing the glory of the villages in Ancient India. Incorporating spiritual Knowledge and Meditation can transform the rural living through the developed transcendental values.


Bro. Vinayak Niman, MLA from Pune said the soul of the India resides in rural areas. He emphasized the importance of physical as well as spiritual development that can bring decorum of ideal villages.


National coordinator of Rural Development Wing BK Sarla explaining the objective of the conference said that our vision is to look forward for a clean, healthy, literate and beautiful accomplished rural world. HQ. coordinator BK Raju said that the overall development is possible through the spiritual revolution especially in Agriculture. Spiritually empowered farmers can only protect this planet from environmental degradation. BK Bharat Bhushan and BK Vijaybhai and BK Jagruti also expressed their views.


November 07, 2012 : Kannauj (UP): Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Farmer's conference held at Kannuaj where thousands of farmers took advantage of the organic farming techniques along with awareness about relevance of Meditation in Agriculture. In the photo are BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator), Rural Development Wing; Sis. Saroj Pathak, Chairman, Kannuaj, Bro.A K Agarwal, CDO, Kannauj; Dr. R P Singh, C M S, Kannauj; BK Saroj Didi and Ramabahen. About 800 Farmers are benefited by this program.


November, 2012 : Unnao (UP): Lighting the candles at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Farmer's Conference are Minister of state for Agriculture & Charity  Bro. Rajeev Kumar Singh, District president of Kisan Union Bro.Dr. S.P. Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly from Unnao Bro.Kuldeep Singh Sengar, Director of Uttar Pradesh Rajya Krishi Prabandhan Sansthan Bro. Vinay Prakash Srivastav, BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing, BK Saroj Didi and BK Kusum. About 5000 Farmers are benefited by this program.


November 02, 2012 : Hathras (UP): After breifing on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project BK Saroj Didi giving Godly gift to Sis. Samyukta Samuddar at the Exhibition on Rural Development and De-Addiction. Bro.V N. Mishra and BK Shanta are also seen in the photo.




October 14, 2012 : Hyderabad (AP): Sis. BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing receiving momento from Bro. Chakrapani, Chairman, AP Legislative council at a program conducted by Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board during COP-11 Convention on Biodiversity for her contribution to the society through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project. BK Sunita, AP State co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing and Bro.Ishwaraiyya are seen in the photo. Click for Rural Development Wing Service Report at UN Convention on Biodviersity......


September 22, 2012 : Jorhat (Assam):Bro. BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing addressing a seminar on Role of Science and Spirituality for Sustainable Agriculture at Assam Agricultural University . Eminent personalities sharing the dias include BK Sarla National Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing; Bro. Krishna Gohain, Registrar &  Dr G N Hazarika, Director of Research of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat; Dr. Kewalanand & Dr. Sunita Pandey from G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar.

September 07, 2012 : Cuttack(Orissa): At the inaugural session of  3 day training program for Sustainable Yogic Agriculture are Bro. S.S. Nanda , Dean Extension Education, Orissa Agricultural University, Bhubaneshwar; BK Kamlesh didi, BK Balasaheb, BK Manisha, BK Sulochana and BK Manisha.  Bro. Arvind dali, MLA, Bhubaneswar; Bro. Jaydev and Bro. Arun Panda, Sr. Journalist attended this program.

September 07, 2012 : Etah(UP): A training on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture, De-addiction, Time Management, Role of Rural Activist and importance of Rajyoga Meditation for Holistic Rural Development held at �Canara Bank Gramin Swarojzgaar Prasikshan Sansthan�(Rural Self-Employment Training), Etah. Sixty staff members and manager Bro. Mukherjee attended this program. BK Saroj Didi, BK Rajender, BK Rachna and BK Swati addressed the program.


July 29, 2012 : Navsari (Guj.):Addressing a Dialogue on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project held at Navsari Agricultural University Honorable Vice-Chancellor Dr. A. R. Pathak said that this is a new concept which can prove very useful for the small and marginal farmers. He also welcomed the initiative by Brahma Kumaris to work on a project associated with organic farming. BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing gave overview of the project which was followed by the research presentation by BK Sumanth. Prof. Jamin Nayak delivered vote of thanks. Dean for College of Agriculture Dr. M. K. Arvadia, Dean for College of Horticulture and forestry Dr. N.L. Patel, Dean for Institute of Agri. business Management Dr. B K Dhabuk, Dean for College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandary Dr. N H Kelawala, 10 scientists, 60 research students and 20 others have attended this dialogue. Prof. Sunain co-ordinated this programme. BK Geeta explained importance of Rakhi Festival. BK Govind introduced the Guests.

July 29, 2012 : Navsari(Guj.):Lighting the candles at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture awareness programme held at Navsari Brahma Kumaris center are BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator), Rural Development Wing, Expert in Organic Agriculture Bro. Ramesh Nayak, BK Geeta, BK Govind and BK Sumanth. About 150 farmers and BK's are benefited by this programme.

June 03, 2012 : Ambejogai (Mah.):Addressing a farmer's conference on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at Natural Sugar and Allied Industries Ltd located at Sainagar Bro.B.B.Tumri, Chairman of the Natural Sugars said that this program is aimed at bringing awareness among the farmers to grow poison free food and generate pollution free electricity. This program was jointly organized by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya and Natural Sugar and Allied Industries Limited. He said that Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Technology is the best option available which will help the farmers to easily get rid of the vicious circles of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Now it is the call of time for the farmers to adopt organic farming with Rajyoga Meditation. This helps in transforming into healthy India and making the farmers prosperous. BK Rajubhai, BK Sarla Didi, BK Balsahebhai and BK Sunitabahen addressed this programme.


May 29, 2012 : Mount Abu(Raj.): The Rajayoga Retreat-Cum-Dialogue on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture : Stride Towards Golden India was organized jointly by the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation and Brahma Kumaris to explore new development opportunities to revitalize rural communities in India & Nepal.

Retreat days went magnificient (25-29th May 2012), delegates from all parts of India shared their experiences on Sutainable Yogic Agriculture and spirituality. They reviewed agrarian reforms analyzing the sustainable practices, mechanism and made proposals for future action to add Rajayoga Meditation with farming.

Addressing the Inaugural Programme, the Union Minister of State for Rural Development Bro. Pradeep Kumar Jain appreciated the efforts of Brahma Kumaris in transforming and strengthening farming practices through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project. These efforts will result in transforming the organic farming into more vibrant and productive. These efforts will sure gather momentum for overall Rural Development. Character building in youth and farmers can play a greater role in development of this nation. He emphasized that the spirituality can make the agricultural sector vibrant, it has the power to build character and develop competence.

The Micro-Irrigation and Cane Minister of Bihar State Bro. Avdesh Kushwaha said that this place is an adobe for Divine Powers. In his words: �After coming here I am determined for bring self-transformation. I believe that the spiritual guidance I received and will continue to receive from this place can prove helpful for my entire life'. He assured that he will plan to take benefit of the services rendered by Brahnma Kumari's Rural Development Wing in Bihar State. He made utmost of his three day trip to Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu.

Hon. Vice Chancellor of the Kumaun Univesity Dr. V P S Arora said that the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture is the traditional method therefore this project will guide Indian Agriculture and the World as a whole. This farming method will bring positive transformation in the personal life of farmer's and improvement in crop production. There is a myth existing at the back of their mind in the farmers that it will not be possible to fetch adequate production through organic farming. But experiments at various research places and the experiences of the farmers prove that farmer's can keep productivity levels constant by adopting practices of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

Scientists attended this retreat have developed a collective vision to support the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project. During the Retreat scientists agreed to form an advisory group to support this project named as �Scientific Support Volunteers(SSV)�. SSVs are intended for extending voluntary services as per the mutual convenience which may contribute to this Godly task of Transforming Agriculture through Spirituality and thereby helps to eradicate poverty in rural area. SSV's support in �Network Research Project' is very crucial.

Almost about 60 scientists, 40 agriculture officers with total about 450 delegates from various Agriculture Universities of India, Government Departments , Banking institutions looking after Agri Business, NGOs in Sustainable farming , Dairy and Sugar Cooperatives , Rural Women Organisations, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Research Organisation, Elite and Progressive farmers etc.

Besides this retreat a series of get- together's were organized for the agricultural scientists and senior agricultural officers. It was a tremendous response from the delegates that has proved this event to be of great success.

May 7, 2012 : Belgaum(Kar.) : Trainers training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at Holy Land Retreat Center.  Above two hundred farmers actively involved in this program. This program was addressed by BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator), BK Sarla Didi, BK Sunita, BK Balasaheb, BK Bholenath and BK Sumanth. BK Sunita(Huda Center) addressed this program.

March 25, 2012 : Panipat(Har.) : Trainers training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at Holy Land Retreat Center.  Above two hundred farmers actively involved in this program. This program was addressed by BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator), BK Sarla Didi, BK Sunita, BK Balasaheb, BK Bholenath and BK Sumanth. BK Sunita(Huda Center) addressed this program.

March 24, 2012 : ORC(Del.) : BK Asha, Director - ORC addressing the meeting of Scientists and BK's co-ordinating the research activities on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. Director General of Water and Land Management Institute Bro. Ashok Kore, Director of Uttar Pradesh Rajya Krishi Prabandhan Sansthan Bro. Vinay Prakash Srivastav, Scientists from GB Pant University of Agriculture and Shivaji Lok Vidyapeeth narrated about the latest developments on the ongoing research activities held at these research stations. BK Sarla & BK Raju preceded this program. Bro. Niten Chandra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development was briefed about the highlights of the research by the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Researcher group on the following day.

March 23, 2012 : Krishi Bhawan(Del.) : Bro. Niten Chandra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development meeting the delegation representing Rural Development Wing at the Krishi Bhawan. BK Sunita, BK Rajesh Dave, BK Jawahar Mehta, BK Sumanth, BK Pokpal and BK Anju are seen in the Photo.

March 03, 2012 : Pusa(Del.) :Picture of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Stall in an Agricultural Fair held at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa, New Delhi. Scientists, Progessive farmers and other agricultural fraternity from all parts of India visited this fair.

February 12, 2012 : Visakhapatnam : "RYTHU CHAITANYA SADASSU"(Farmer's conference) on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture - Practicing Rajayoga Meditation by farmers would reap tremendous results in farming. Detailing the method of farming referred to as Yogic farming the speakers stressed upon the need for relying on the original traditional farming methods and following sustainable practices of modern agriculture, which did not suggest use of excessive fertilisers and pesticides.
Speaking at the �Rytu Chatanya Sadassu'(Farmer's Conference) which was held by Brahmakumaris at lankelapalem near Visakhapatnam, to mark the platinum jubilee celebrations of the organisation, HQ. Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing, Rajayogi BK Rajubhai felt the methods employed by our farmers in the olden days used to be emulative to several countries. He said the farmers have now been in neck deep crisis as a result of their departure from the age traditional methods and the policies being adopted by the governments. He said Brahmakumaris had done an extensive research on Yogic Farming, which proved to be of great benefit to the farmers. This is very necessary for future of India for serving the healthy needs of Indian population.

Minister for Ports and Infrastructure Development Ganta Srinivasa Rao said steps would be taken to ensure the welfare measures reached the farmers. He also assured support to the research being done by the Brahmakumaris' organisation.

MLA of Pendurti constituency Bro. Panchakarla Ramesh, MLA of Gajuwaka constituency Bro. C. Venkatramayya, MLA of Vizag(West) M. Vijaya Prasad, Tollywood Film Hero Suman, President of Kisan congress Sis. Thota Vijaya Lakshmi, State Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing Sis. Sunita, BK Veni, BK Someswari, BK Shivappa and other dignitaries addressed this gathering.

This program received overwhelming response from the farmers. About 10,000 people including farmers, community leaders, BK's and local people benefited by this program.

This program had the live coverage in two television channels and covered all the print and electronic media in Andhra Pradesh.


January 28, 2012 : Godhra : A Mega Program for the Rural Youth under Rural Youth Empowerment Project accompanied with Sapanrch Adhyatmik Sammelan held at Morva(Godhra).   Bro.BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing, Mount Abu; BK Rajesh Dave, AGM, Nabard; Prabhatsinh Chouhan, Member of Parliament, Godhra and BK Surekha addressed this program. About 4000 Rural Youth as well as members from Panchayati Raj and Sarpanch from 100 villages attended this program.   This program was a grand success resulting into bringing  services of entire Morva Taluka.

January 13, 2012 : Aurangabad : A program for the progressive farmers on water conservation and Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at Water and Land Management Institute(WALMI), Aurangabad are Bro. A.R.Kore, Director, WALMI; Bro. Devkar, Addl. Director, WALMI , BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator of Rural Wing; BK Jagruti; and BK Balasaheb.

Addressing the program BK Raju said that the consequences of the undue use of chemicals and fertilizers are surfacing more in the states like Punjab and UP. Due to this reason we are facing no. of food borne illnesses. Therefore we are reaching every village to bring awareness on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. Bro. A. R. Kore said that the farmers should take the most from the program which will prove helpful to enhance the quality of the agricultural produce so that they may fetch a better price in the market.

Sis. BK Jagruti explained about the importance of water conservation. BK Balasaheb gave on field demonstration to the farmers to follow yogic farming.

Annual Meeting of the Rural Development Wing - 2011

December 17, 2011 : Shantivan, Aburoad : After Lightening the candles at the Inaugural Session of the Annual meeting Dadi Ratanmohiniji, Sis. BK Sarla(Co-ordinator) and Bro. BK Raju (Hq. Co-ordinator) were seen in high spirits.

After welcome note from Sis.BK Sarla, Dadi Ratanmohini Ji addressing the meeting said that the Rural Development Wing has made significant progress within a very short duration of its inception. She praised the services Rural wing to serve the rural world. Rural People have their own inherent strengths due to which they are quick to accept and the services give immediate result. She also advised the wing members to remain in the state of soul consciousness which will prove to be very effective for the services. Our words will influence others when our purpose remains strong. The more you get forward with your services the more you will experience the love and the sense of belongingness. Rajubhai drawing attention towards Baba's gestures while emphasizing the need of our efforts of our yoga to face obstacles/crisis. Results of experimentation of yoga on crops and plants are improving. Madhuban Radio is also advertising Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project in a big way. Now people are becoming more aware of ways and means of yoga that will have impact on agriculture.


Further proceeding the meeting Sis. BK Sarla said that scientists accept that, what we speak is our about our ancient culture. They consider the sustainable yogic agriculture project as a result oriented project. She stressed on the need to collect more scientific data that can convince the scientists. Narrating her meeting with the scientists of S D Agricultural University she said that sustainable yogic agriculture is definitely ahead of organic farming and we need few years to give this outcome with documentation.


Presentations on services under various projects like Rural Youth Empowerment Project, Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project, Retreats, Rural Fairs, Exhibitions and Plantation programs were made by the brothers and sisters representing all parts of India . Sis. Dr. Sunita from Pantnagar presented the ongoing experiments in G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. Success of the Retreat for agricultural scientists and experts held at Indian Agricultural Research Insitute(IARI) at Pusa Campus, New Delhi was also narrated. Farmers from Maharastra, Gujarat , Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh briefed their success stories of experimentation of Rajayoga Meditation in Agriculture.


Rajubhai explained about the ways to succeed in better utilization of time, enhance the energy of thoughts and Methods to protect/increase the powers of mind. In order to get rid of the disagreements and differences if any we should pay attention towards our efforts. Baba wants to see us obstacle free. Whenever consciousness of I and mine surfaces there appears the obstacles and conflict. Baba gives attention on our efforts on one side and to make the garland of VVIP's .Create a stage as such that we can face any sort of situation with strong determination where our thoughts should also serve. Remember only one, make right efforts to come in the garland of 108, remember only one, keep full stop, put the eight powers to work.


Dr. Sunita explained the method to approach the scientists keeping the scientific data, report and publications with showing facts, figures and photographs. For those who are interested to enter into an MOU then we have to give clear idea about the concept, choice of different crops , identification of the place for research, distribution of plots for different modules, way of giving vibrations, duration of meditation for different crops and training for scientists etc.,


Members representing different zones were together to plan for the services of the Rural Development Wing for the year 2012. Especially a group was formed from Maharastra and Gujarat to assist the programs to be held in all parts of India . They also made a list of VVIP's who are supporting our Wing programs.


Sis.Mohini, Chairperson of the Rural Development Wing addressing this meeting addressed about the Bapdada's inspirations and gestures. She also emphasized to cover all the universities through awareness programs on sustainable yogic agriculture project also Krishi Vigyan Kendras(KVK') which have district wise presence in all states of India . This is the right time to put forward your efforts. Our efforts should awaken the government also. We can do unlimited services through our Rural Youth Empowerment and Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project. It was also decided to make some literature giving a brief of experiences of scientists and farmers.


A Beautiful Puppet show on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture was presented by Visakhapatnam (Akkayapalem) Center. Later BK Rajubhai explained about involving foreigners in the sustainable yogic project and informed about the schedule for the training for foreigners. All the members met Dadi Jankiji. Visit to Tapovan proved informative about usage of organic pest repellents.


Bapdada's meeting was on 15th December, 2011. Bapdada also appreciated the efforts of the Rural Development Wing and drawn attention towards the detailed plan for the coming year.


Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training program was also conducted by Bro.BK Balasaheb, BK Manisha and BK Bholenath. Lecture of Bro. Pradeep Kumar Jain, Honorable Union Minister for Rural Development, Govt. of India held at Indian Agricultural Research Insitute(IARI) was presented. With all the riches of excitement and enthusiasm all the members left for their own places. Around 300+ members attended this Annual Meeting.


December, 2011 : Durban(South Africa): Bro.Piero introduced Sustainable Yogic Agriculture concept at the Farmer's Union meeting. This union has 1700 members. Farmers showed lot of interest in yogic farming. It was interesting for them to know that yogic farming is inexpensive, enhances nutritional values and even helps them in pest control. They are also keen to learn meditation and requested that BK's offer them the training. Sis. Lefuma from Johannesburg reported this meeting.

November 29, 2011 : Lucknow(Aliganj) : Sharing the dias at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Training are the Director of Agriculture Dr. Mukesh Goutam, Commissioner of Agriculture Bro.Alok Rajan, Director of State Agriculture Management Institute Bro. Vinay Prakash, Assitant Director BK Badri Vishal, Bro. Vinod Kumar of Agriculture Statistics, Govt. of UP, BK Geeta, BK Radha, BK Balasaheb and BK Vishnu. This program was co-ordinated by BK Suman. Addressing the gathering Bro. Alok Ranjan appreciated the results of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

November 27, 2011 : Lucknow(Aliganj) :Lightening the candles at the Rural Youth Empowerment Project Trainers training program are BK Geeta, BK Suman and BK Sangeeta along with the BK Brothers and Sisters.

November 21, 2011 : Rahuri(Maharastra) : Lightening the candles at the workshop held at Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth are Director of Research Dr. Subhash Mehetre, Former Minister of Agriculture Bro. Annasaheb Mhaske, Director of Extension Education Dr. Shivajirao Pokharkar, BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator), BK Manisha, BK Nalini with other dignitaries. As a speaker addressing the workshop BK Raju said that whole creation works on the basis of three powers such as the Power of thought, Cosmic energy and the nature. He explained about the ways and means of experimenting Rajyoga meditation in Agriculture. BK Manisha explained the impact of the positive thoughts on the plants. Director of Research Dr. Subhash Mehetre appreciated the efforts of Brahma Kumaris to promote Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. He also allotted a plot for the research on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. Ex-Minister Annasaheb Mahaske emphasized the need for the farmers to use farm yield manures while adopting yogic agriculture to achieve long term gains. BK Nalini and BK Sulbha co-ordinated this program. Vote of thanks was conveyed by Professor Extension Dr. Milind Ahirye. Associate Dean(PGI) Dr. Rajendra Patil, Head of all the departments, scientists and about 800 students participated in this program.

Oct ober 23, 2011: Goa: A stall for Sustainable Yogic Agriculture was arranged in the Agricultural fair at Madgaon on behalf of the Rural Development Wing. This fair held at lohia ground with representation of various farmers clubs at their stalls. This fair was inaugurated by Municipal Chairperson Sis. Sushila Nayak and Director of Agriculture ( Goa ) Bro. Satish Tendulkar. Thousands of farmers were briefed on Yogic Agriculture through the pictures in the stall. Pamphlets and literature was distributed. On the closing day organizers projected Yogic Agriculture presentation for half-an-hour on a bigger screen. At the closing ceremony BK Sushma and BK Darshan were invited on the stage to address a gathering of thousands of farmers.

Conference on Shaswat Yogic Kheti - A Step Forward for a New Era in Agriculture at ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region (ICAR-RCER)

Oct ober 11, 2011: Patna(Bihar):Rural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation along with Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mount Abu , Rajasthan convened a conference of Agricultural Scientists in the conference held of R.C.E.R. Patna to discuss the shashwat Yogic Kheti project. This Conference was presided over by Dr. B.P. Bhatt, the Director R.C.E.R. and its Chief guest was B.K. Raju Bhai, the H.Q. Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing of Brahmakumaris at H.Q. Mount Abu. The Co-ordinator of the Conference Dr. S.S. Singh, Principal Scienctist D.E.R. welcomed the guests and his colleagues, participants and others.

B.K. Raju Bhai delivered the keynote address. In his address he threw light on hazardous effects of environmental pollutants including chemical fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides. Under green Revolution the excessive use of these inputs are not only making land infertile but the human health has also been effected. In order to fight out this menace an effective alternative has to be found out as soon as possible. Brahmakumaris with help of B.K. Brothers and Sisters are working on a project �' Shashwat Yogic Kheti'' which is not entirely a new technique but an extension of organic farming where the farmers use the technique of Ancient Raj Yoga Meditation to improve both the quality of the corps and the yield. He also told that Meditation is an easy process of receiving powers from cosmic energy which has got healing effect. This energy, then to directed to the identified plot of Yogic farm. He also informed that positive results have been obtained by this easy technique by S. D. University project who are assisting us on the technical side of the project. This technique while solving the problem of pollution and health illnesses, has increasing trend of production par hectare with full nutrient value. He invited the agriculture Scientists to come forward and accept the challenge of this end associating themselves with the project.

Thereafter BK Sangeeta from Mahesana, Gujarat delivered a power point presentation on �Shashwat Yogic Kheti''. After power point presentation a volley of questions were find by the participants on the viability and acceptability of Yoga in agricultural practices. However, more information will be made available to them for their perusal for further reference and experimentation.

In the end the Director of the Research center, Dr. B.P. Bhatt while concluding the discussion appreciated the project and effects being made by Brahmakumaris in this direction. He requested B.K. Raju Bhai to make available full details of the project and with vote of thanks he also urged his Scientists to co-operate on technical inputs of the project.

October 02, 2011 : Amravati : A joint program for awareness on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held in co-ordination with Shree Shivaji lok Vidyapeeth and Maharastra Agricultural Technology Management Association(ATMA). Deputy Director of ATMA Dr. Mangesh Deshmukh, Vice-chancellor of Shri Shivaji Lok Vidyapeeth Bro. Lakshmikant Kalntri, Dr. Ramesh Thakor, Maharastra state Ex-Minister of Agriculture Bro. Nanabhau Embadvar, BK Balasaheb, BK Shrikant, BK Rajesh and BK Pari addressed this program. About 500 people including eminent personalities, scientists and hundreds of villagers attended this program.

October 02, 2011 : Motihari : Lighting the lamp at the Sustinable Yogic Agriculture conference Cane Minister Bro. Avdesh Prasad Kushwaha, MLA Krishna Nandan Paswan, BK Rani, BK Raju, BK Sarla and BK Abita. 500 delegates including officers, scientists, leaders and agriculturists participated in this program.


September 16-18, 2011 : Bhilwara : At the Inauguration of the Rural Wing stall at the National Agricultural Fair is the Minister of Environment and Ores Bro. Ramlal Jat along with other officers, Sis. Tara along with BK brothers and Sisters explained various aspects of rural development and Sustainable Yogic Agriculture to 5000 people from Rural areas.

Role of Science and Spirituality in Sustainable Agriculture: Retreat-Cum-Dialogue at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, PUSA Campus, New Delhi

September 17, 2011: New Delhi :

A two-day Retreat-Cum-Dialogue for Agricultural Scientists and Experts on 17-18 September 2011 at The Indian Agricultural Research Institute based in New Delhi, India  


IARI and the Rural Development Wing of The Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, New Delhi and Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mount Abu. About 350 Agricultural Scientists, Experts, Researchers and Government Representatives participated in this program.


BK Hridaya Mohini, Addl. Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu; Bro. Pradeep Kumar Jain, Honorable Minister of State for Rural Development, Government of India;  Dr. B S Bisht, Vice-Chancellor, G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar;  Dr.Harishankar Gupta, Director IARI, New Delhi; Dr. Smt. Savita Anand, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, New Delhi;  Sis. M. Dadlani, Deputy Director, IARI, New Delhi; BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator, Rural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, Mehsana & BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing, Mount Abu attended this program


On the Agenda were thematic issues such as The Scientific Basis of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture, Role of Rajayoga Meditation for Agricultural Advancement, Ancient and Modern methods of Conservation Agriculture. Scientists and Farmers   involved in Sustainable Yogic Agriculture will share their experiences.


This retreat was organized by the Rural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation to promote the sustainable practice of Organic Farming.  This Retreat focused on the Role of Rajayoga Meditation for Agricultural Advancement and on following Sustainable practices of Agriculture, while safeguarding ecology and the environment through organic farming.

September 07, 2011 : Coimbatore : Yogic Kheti Awareness program held at the Tamilnadu Agricultural University where scientists, hundreds of students are benefited through this program. Sharing the dias are the Vice-Chancellor Dr. P Murugesa Boopathi, Dean(Agriculture) and Dean(Agricultural Engineering), BK Raju & BK Sarla. BK Mamta, BK Kiran, BK Balasaheb and BK Bholenath addressed this program.


July 23, 2011 : Visakhapatnam(Akkayapalem): Addressing the Rural Youth Trainers Training Program held at Visakhapatnam(Jal Udyanavan) is the mayor Bro.Pulusu Janarthana Reddy, Sis.Thota Vijayalakshmi, BK Shivappa, BK Geeta, BK Sumanth, BK Veni, BK Someswari addressed this training program. Over 350 participants from three districts of Visakhapatnam , Vijayanagaram and Srikakulam took benefit of this training program.





July 17, 2011 : Hyderabad(Huda Colony) :Rural Youth Empowerment Project held at Hyderabad (Huda Colony) where 60 youth took benefit of the Trainers Training Program. BK Geeta, BK Sumanth, BK Sailaja, BK Ganesh addressed this program.



July 16, 2011 : Hyderabad(Shantisarovar) : Addressing the Rural Youth Empowerment Project Trainers Training Program is BK Kuldeep, BK Geeta, BK Sheela, BK Sumanth and BK Arundhati participated in this program. About 80 trainers took advantage of this program.




June, 2011 : Malegaon : Lighting the Lamp at the inauguration of the blood donation camp under Rural Youth Empowerment Project are Dr. Kale, Dr. Hake, Bro. Marshetvar and BK Snehlata.



Spiritual Revolution for Golden Rural India: Rajayoga Retreat - 2011

May 06, 2011: Mount Abu(Raj.):Spiritual Revolution for Golden Rural India a three day Rajayoga Retreat held at Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu . 350 delegates representing all parts of India who are actively involved in Rural Development took part of this program.

Addressing the program Vice-Chancellor of S. D.Agricultural University the first ever university which has taken the initiative to conduct research on Yogic Agriculture Dr. R.C. Maheshwari said that we are experimenting Brahma Kumaris taught Rajayoga Meditation in agriculture for the last three years. Our vision is to achieve Noble Prize through this research through its consequent results. We are used to the medicated seeds i.e. seeds treated by the chemicals before sowing but from last three years we have started the usage of the seeds treated through Rajayoga Meditation to charge such seeds. Yogic Agriculture Methodology resulted in nutritious crops while improving soil fertility. This research will have more relevance in the future due to the significant results through the modern equipments to measure such subtle power of the vibrations emanating through Rajayoga Meditation.

Ex-Minister of Forests, Transport and Sports of Maharastra Government and the President of Motiramji Thakre Education Society Bro. Subhashrao Thakre expressed his pain for the 80% of the Rural Population who are dependent upon agriculture. Negative impact of the usage of Chemical fertilizers and Hybrid Seeds are clearly visible these days. Our Mother land is used to give out Gold which has now started to spill Poison. Effect of the Toxic pesticides and chemicals are clearly visible. He appreciated the efforts of the Brahma Kumaris for the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project proving very helpful to the farmers.

Chairperson of the Rural Development Wing BK Mohinji said that the awareness in the Rural living will result in true development of India . Generator of the Spiritual Revolution is not any human but it is the Supreme Soul God Father Almighty. Spirituality can only transform the negative attitudes into pure and positive. Transformation of our attitudes helps in the transformation of our own world. The village which is free of addictions can only be happy and prosperous.

According to the General Secretary of the Brahma Kumaris BK Nirwair, before purifying our external nature we need to first purify our internal nature. Spirituality is the powerful medium of inner purification. Remembrance of the Natural Nature of our soul i.e. Peace, Love and Purity can only bring the transformation in the nature.

National Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing BK Sarla Bahen said that our ancient culture is based upon the Agriculture. Proper Implementation of various projects pertaining to the Agriculture and Rural Development is only possible through the awakening of our Spiritual Consciousness. Today the problem is not due to lack of equipment but it is lack of values affecting the society.

Head Quarter Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing BK Rajubhai came with the welcome note. BK Geeta was Stage Co-ordinator.

Commissioner of Andhra Pradesh Academy of Rural Development Bro. Chandra Mouli appreciated the efforts of Brahma Kumaris for their drive for cleanliness and Deaddiction which has no contrast. Vision to accomplish a Golden Rural India is possible through collaborated efforts.

Highlight Speeches:

Agriculture Advisor of Karnataka State Bro.Suresh Desai as a Chief Guest addressing the Retreat said, hardworking farmers play responsible role to fulfill the basic need to provide food. In order to actualize the concept of the Ideal Village , residents of the village should realise the importance of social harmony, brotherhood, unity and spirit of cooperation.

Assistant General Manager of Nabard Bro. Rajesh Dave said India will be able to progress and achieve higher growth when the farmers are inspired and driven to support with good harvest.

Director of Gyan Sarovar Academy Dr. Niramala said overall development of the villages is not just possible through the physical resources but it is possible by the restoration of the Divine Values in the life.

Agricultural Expert and Executive Member of the Rural Development Wing Bro. Rajendra Kumar said that it is by removing the difference of the small & big, rich & poor to develop brotherhood for establishing Golden Rural India which is not a big task.

Rajayoga Teacher BK Reshma said that holistic internal development is the basis for establishing a Golden Rural India.

Several Workshops have been conducted during this three day Retreat.

April 18, 2011: Visakhapatnam(Akkayapalem): Sustainable Yogic Agriculture message was given to 1685 Adarsha Rytulu (Progressive farmers) through 10 different programs held on 18 th April, 2011 at Anakapalli – 150 Farmers, Chodavaram – 300 Farmers, Sabbavaram – 200 Farmers, Narsipatnam – 150 Farmers, Paderu – 100 Farmers, Payakaraopeta – 300 Farmers, Yalamanchali – 150 Farmers, Aruku – 120 Farmers, Chintapalli – 90 Farmers, Bhimalli – 125 Farmers. All these programs held with the support of the Director of Agriculture Bro. Mr. P. Bhadrachalam (Visakhapatnam District) BK Someshwari and BK Triveni actively participated in various programs.





April 05, 2011: Ichalkaranji(Mah.): Need of Shaswat Yogic Agriculture program held at Tardal in which 80 reputed farmers took part in the Awareness Program. Amongst them 30 farmers have opted for Rajyoga courses. This program was presided by BK Asha and BK Rupa. Prominent dignitaries of the region Bro.Vasantrao Nabhiraj Jhele, Bro.Shivgondabhau Patil, Bro.Madhan Bhupal Chougule, Bro.Kumar G. Chougule, Regional Agricultural Officer Bro.R.A. Patil and Bro. Vasantrao Chougley attended the meeting.





Annual Meeting of Rural Development Wing(RDW), 2011:

Annual Meeting of Rural Development Wing held at Shantivan, Aburoad on 14 th , 15 th and 16 th of February, 2011. Welcome Session held on 14 th February evening. Addressing a gathering 300 Members of the wing Sis. Sarla said that the members of the Rural Development Wing are enjoying the real fortune to serve the farmers who are fulfilling the basic need of producing Food. We are supporting farmers for their spiritual development, moral, financial by making wonderful plans and projects.

Bro.Raju explained about the developments of Shaswat Yogic Agriculture project around the Nation. He narrated few stories of the project experiences which proved practical inspiration for others to adopt Yogic Agriculture. He said that Baba wants his Message to reach each and every village. Even though we approach them with the reason of Agriculture we also give them Baba's Message. Baba's Message should reach every individual in every village, nobody should be spared out. We have such Wonderful Instrument in our hands in the form of Yogic Agriculture project to fulfill such vision.

Dadi Ratanmohini Ji said that people are now showing enthusiasm to learn and adopt yogic agriculture. In the same way we should ourselves stand as an example for others. Our living should reveal our Supreme Teacher. Baba wants our face and our actions should reveal his greatness. Service helps us in making our yogic posture. People will be attracted towards our services when we remain with our yogic posture.

On 15 th morning Bro.Raju emphasized on making our services to have a different outlook. Vip's should not feel that we are doing the same, what others do. They should realize that it is the service of the almighty. Now the service environment all around the world has turned fruitful. All the souls are now realising that Brahma Kumaris are Different.

BK Brothers and sisters representing various parts of the country presented a brief of local service news. Bro.Chandramohan from Myanmar of Burma has explained the difficulties of services in Burma due to the restrictions of the Military rule. But, he expressed his happiness that the services of the Rural Development Wing need no permission and rural wing services can be carried out easily.

Announcements of the Future Projects:

Rural Youth Empowerment Project (Gramin Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojna): This project has been specially designed in order to serve the Rural Youth. A camp will be organized in each village for giving a strong message to the Youth. Following are the topics covered: 1) Spiritual Empowerment 2) De-addiction 3) Sustainable Yogic Agriculture 4) Living Values based Inspirations to the youth for necessary Time Management 5) Important Role of the Youth in Village Development 6) Government & NGO Schemes for the Youth like different topics are being covered in these youth camps. Arrangements of these Youth camps will be likewise that of the regular Rajyoga Shivir.

These camps avail the rural youth to realize their actual self as a Soul, about the Supreme Soul and for the development in their actual inherent potential. These can also be followed by the three days ‘Youth Personality Development Camps' with the primary motive of Spiritual Empowerment. Sustainable Yogic Agriculture trainings will also be conducted for the interested youth at local levels. Thus aiming for the Holistic Rural Development through Youth Empowerment.

Rural Women Empowerment Project: Camps are arranged in the above said lines for the rural women covering various topics like 1) Spiritual Empowerment 2) Health Awareness 3) Family Values 4) Social Empowerment 5) Government Schemes for the women 6) Importance of Financial Growth 7) Way and means to get rid of Superstitions etc.,

Some aspects of Implementation: These camps will be organized with the support of the local women clubs, Self Help Groups and other associations. Explanation can be given about the pictures related to women. Dialogues and Dramas can be arranged to give the message. Even competitions can be arranged for women to encourage them. With all the above we can establish good communion with the Rural Women and assist them for their overall development.

There was a suggestion that Yog Bhatti's for the Rural Development Wing Members are to be arranged at the zonal levels.

Rajyoga Retreat on Spiritual Revolution for Gold Rural India : We are happy to inform you about the upcoming retreat to be held at Gyan Sarovar during 6 th May, 2011 to 10 th May, 2011 with the said title. 400 delegates representing all parts of the country who are serving as officials at senior level management involved the Rural Development, Agriculture Officers, Scientists etc., will come together. Zone wise allocation of the delegates representing shall be sent to the zonal offices. Application for Registrations in this retreat to be routed through the zonal and sub-zonal centers.

Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training was held on 16 th evening. Bro.Narayanbhai, Sis.Manisha, Bro.Bholenath and Bro.Balasaheb conducted the training for the members. Topics such as Plant / Crop protection are covered during this training. Later some farmers shared their successful experiences.

Core-Members of the Rural Development met the Chairperson, Sis.BK Mohini Ji at Dadi's cottage. Upon listening to the brief of the meeting on her blessing note she said that the services of the Rural Development Wing have now started all around the world. People from all corners of the world and India are taking advantage of our website. Awareness is rising through Yogic Agriculture campaign which is ongoing across all parts of the nation. This Campaign will be instrumental to reveal the message of the almighty. After listening to the brief Bro.Brijmohanji inspired the gathering to prepare a demonstration model of Yogic Agriculture project to inspire the visiting brothers and sisters representing all countries. Director of Agriculture (Maharastra state) Bro. Pandurang Watharkar assured of his total co-operation for the projects carried out by the wing.

At the end of the Annual meeting few aspects were discussed about managing balance of Yoga along with the services. While Yogic Agriculture has proved to be a powerful instrument which establishes balance between Karma and Yoga. All members of the Rural Development Wing should encourage the farmers for Yogic Agriculture Project which can serve lakhs of brothers and sisters coming to Madhuban. If our Agriculture community can make Yogic Agriculture produce available then it will become easy to transform minds and make obstacle free.

Everyone should take a firm thought so that we can fulfill the needs of Baba's house with the Yogic Agriculture produce making a healthy body along with healthy mind. We will reveal the Powers of almighty through this yogic Agriculture project.

January 29, 2011:

National Conference on Call of Time:

“United Nature to bring Harmony between Environment Nature and Human Nature”

Date: 29 and 30 January 2011 Place: Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi .

Organized by Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, Brahmakumaris

Sponsored by Union Ministries of Agriculture, Earth Science, Environment and Forest, Renewable Sources of Energy, Rural Development, Science and Technology, Defence, Government of India ”

A 2 days national level conference as above was held at the instance of Brahma Kumaris, Rajyoga Education and Research foundation from 29 to 30 January 2011.

There were many topics to be deliberated related to development respecting environment and nature, sustainable development, conservation of natural resource, new and innovative approach to technology implementation etc..

Under the theme of Empowering Rural India, Brahmakumaris, Rural Development Wing was also invited to participate and make presentation on Holistic Rural development approach as well as on the topic “Shaswat Yogic Agriculture Project”- a new and innovative alternative for Uniting Human Nature and Environment (Nature) for Agriculture. This is a new and innovative approach facilitating sustainable agriculture for improving quality and quantity of agriculture produce without application of hazardous chemicals in the name of Fertilizers as well as Insecticides and Pesticides. Yogic Farming systems enables organic farming and supplements the system with Micro energy in the form of Mind Power of farmers. This is a unique way of harmonizing with mother nature and also five elements to utilize the natural resources in a sustainable way. (For detailed information on Sustainable Yogic Farming visit

A detailed deliberation was made for one hour involving 4 speakers from Rural development Wing of Brahmakumaris. BK sister Sarla, the National Coordinator of Rural Devp Wing, Brahmakumaris made a presentation on Objective and Aims of Shashwat Yogic Farming System. BK Rajesh Dave, Executive Member, Rural Development Wing, Brahmakumaris made a detailed presentation on process and application including technical aspects of such farming system and he also deliberated that this system is proving more efficient in the call of time in the universe as it empowers farmers as well as farming system in a sustainable way. Application of Mind Power and Power of Thought are the Micro energy with application of energy from supreme energy is being experimented and results are encouraging. As a result, few State Agriculture Universities have shown interest in further research and entered in to MOU with Brahmakumaris. Practical aspects of this farming with experience sharing was done by BK Balasaheb, a Rajyogi Farmer in Maharashtra . BK sister Dr. Kiran deliberated on empowering Rural India and importance thereof. She also briefed the august gathering on Women empowerment, harmony amongst rural masses and various schemes of Rural development. There were other speakers from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well.

Since Transformation of mindset , Mooting the harmony amongst Farmers / Rural women, SHG members, Harvest the fruit of Positive Attitude by Adoption of innovative and new technologies etc concepts may the area of intervention by us in capacity building. It was also indicated that the combination of Tractor with Character of Farmer i.e. Science & Technology with Spiritual Empowerment of farmer is needed in the current scenario so that the harmony is maintained between human nature and the nature of the environment.

The deliberation was well received by all the audience of about 1200 officials, representatives from various fields, scientists and engineers.


January 29, 2011: Rani(Raj.):BK Sonu bahen addressing a Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held from 27th January to 29th January 2011 covering 8 villages benefiting 480 villagers and 28 Sankalp Patra were filled. While BK Mathur and BK Ranju activelty participated in the campaign.







January 09, 2011: Ghazipur(UP): Addressing the villagers during Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan are Dr.Vishvendu Dwivedi, Dr.Dharmendra, Dr.Deependrabhai and BK Nirmala are seen in the picture.






January 08, 2010: Thakatgarh(Raj.): BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator) addressing a Farmers Conference during Yogic Agriculture Campaign. BK Ranju(Jalore), President of Milk Dairy Bro. Pratap Singh, Bro.B.C. Mathur (Retired Agriculture Officer), President of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh Bro.Jabarsinh Tarwada, President Women Wing Kisan Sangarsh Samiti Sis. Ambadevi Rawal BK Bhavna, BK Nagesh along with other brothers and sisters. About 500 farmers benefited by this program.





December 24, 2010: Ferozabad(UP): Addressing a Shaswat Yogic Kheti Awareness program is the Assistant Director of Agriculture Bro.R.D.Bagla, Agriculture Gardening Officer Bro. Jagdish Upadhyay, Senior Scientist Bro. Sanjay Sharma, NCC Major Bro. Subhash Chandra Sharma and BK Sarita along with other eminent personalities inspected Shaswat Yogic Kheti farm.






December 21, 2010: Chunar (Uttar Pradesh): Lightening the Candles at the Shaswat Yogic Kheti Campaign are Senior Divisional Magistrate Bro. P.P.Anjor, Chief Scientist of Indian Vegetable Research Centre Dr.D.R.Bharadwaj, Block Development Officer Dr.D.R.Vishwakarma, Municipal Chairman Sis.Hasina Begum, BK Surendra Bahen, BK Kusum, BK Saroj, Dr.Ramkaul Tripati, Ex-member of Krishi Bodh Pathistan BK Dipendra along with other brothers and sisters.





December 19, 2010: Jalore (Rajasthan): Inauguration of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held at Jalore. Dignitories on the dais are Zonal Director of Agriculture Research Centre Dr. N.K.Sharma, Scientist at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dr. Madan Regar, Retd. Deputy Director of Agriculture Bro.R.D.Nama, Bro.Satyanarayan Agarwal, President of Mahavir International Bro. Laxminarayan Agarwal, HQ. Co-ordinator of Rural Development Wing BK Raju, BK Ranju, BK Uma, BK Bhavna and BK Meera.




December 19, 2010: Baijnath(H.P.): BK Savitri & BK Sulakshana were presented with a momento by the Senior Divisional Magistrate of Baijnath on the eve of the closing ceremony of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan covering 75 villages. About 98,700 people took benefit of this campaign and 500 de-addiction sankalp patra were collected from the villagers. Block Development Officer, Additional Divisional Magistrate, BK Harnambhai along with reputed agriculturists and other eminent personalities are seen in the picture.



December 18, 2010: Umred: Lightening the candles at the closing ceremony of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan Ex-Minister of state Bro. Sravanji Parate, MLA Bro. Sudhirji Parve, BK Vishnu, BK Pushparani along with other Campaigners.

This campaign has covered 424 villages traveling 2,783 Km. Over 34,303 people benefited through this campaign. About 5,313 Sankalp Patra received taking oath of the de-addictions and for positive inclination.



December 16, 2010: Deoband(UP): Inauguration of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held on 11 th November, 2010 being flagged by the block pramukh Bro. Thakur Anil Singh and reputed Industrialist Bro. Ajay Goel. BK Sangeeta headed the campaign which covered 55 villages around Deoband and collected 1755 Sankalp Patra taking oath of de-addictions.

Nakud(UP): Inauguration of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held on 30 th November, 2010 which covered 35 villages around Nakud. About 1122 farmers filled Sankalp Patra. Only in the village Ambehata about 200 villagers took oath to leave their addictions such as bidi, cigaratte, ghutka, wine etc., this campaign is still on with remarkable support all over.


December 14, 2010: Nabarangpur(Orissa): Inauguration of Shashwat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held at Nabrangpur. Superintendent of Police Bro. Niti Shekhar and Sub-Collector Bro. Nand kishore Sethy, BK Neelam along with other Campaigners are seen in the picture at the Inauguration. This campaign will cover Nabarangpur, Koraput & Kalahandi Districts.





December 12, 2010: Bareilly(Civil Lines): Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan covering 49 villages held from 10 th November, 2010 – 12 th December, 2010 at Bareilly . BK Parvati, BK Neeta, BK Parul and other BK Brothers and Sisters are seen in the picture.





December 08, 2010: Belgaum(KAR): Inauguration of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held at Mahanteshnagar on 08/12/2010. BK Surajbhai, BK Rupesh, BK Ambika encouraging the campainors are seen in the picture. This campaign has covered 43 villages till 19/12/2010 and benefited 6025 villagers among which 141 villagers were de-addicted through Sankalp Patra.





December 07, 2010: “Shashwat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan” launched at Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad on 7.11.2010. Abhiyan moved towards Nizamabad Andhra Pradesh. In Nizamabad dist. campaign started from 8.11.2010 to 30.11.2010. It has covered 36 mandals in the Nizamabad district and one division in Adilabad district. About 168 major Gram Panchayat villages are covered during this Campaign.In the photo is Ramayampet mandal where the campaign was welcomed by the  MPP, AMC chairman and  Surpanch. They expressed that this type of service is utmost need of the farmers since most of the farmers suicide cases are from this district. In the photo graph are MPP giving the speech, Surpanch and BK Jaya In charge of Kamareddy Centre, BK Arundati and BK Anil are on the stage.


December 07, 2010: Rani(Rajasthan): HQ Co-ordinator of the Rural Development Wing BK Raju introducing Shaswat Yogic agriculture, addressing a gathering of 200 villagers and the officers representing all departments of district administration at Khiwada Village (Rani). Senior Divisional Magistrate Bro.Mohansingh Rajpurohit, Village Development Officer Bro.Budharam Parihar, Ayurvedic Doctor Bro.Dr.Mahesh, BK Sumanth and various other dignitaries attended this program. Sis.Sonu Incharge of Brahma Kumaris Rani Center successfully presided this program.



December 05, 2010: Gumla(Jharkhand): "Kisan Sammelan" held at Gumla(Jharkhand) on 5 & 6th December, 2010. Dignitories in the photo are Bro. Kamlesh Oraon (MLA), Bro. Prabhat Kumar Bandhu ( President of Zila Krishak Samithi), Balmukund Sahu (Mukhia), Ramesh Kumar (Chamber of Commerce), Nirmala Sinha (President, BJP Mahila Morcha), BK Shanti (Gumla), BK Surekha(Godhra) and BK Narayanbhai (Mehsana) with other VIP's.




December 01, 2010: Mora(Dahod): Ex-President of Morwa(Hadaf)Taluka Panchayat Bro.Vikrambhai Dandor, Sarpanch of Mora Gram Panchayat Bro.Nayanbhai Bamnia, President of Mora Taluka Panchayat Bro.Prabhatsinh Jalaiya, Taluka Development Officer of Morwa(Hadaf) Bro.Komal, Sr. Rajayoga Teacher of Godhra BK Surekha bahen, BK Jyotsna bahen of Lunawada, BK Mita bahen of Zalod, BK Ratan bahen of Shehera, BK Niranjanabahen of Mora, Morwa(Hadaf)'s Chairman-Agriculture Produce Market Committee Bro.Vijay Kumar Patel are seen in the photo of Shaswat yogic kheti jagruti abhiyan for panchmahals & dahod district.



November 22, 2010: Nagpur : Bro.Sachin Tendulkar gives good wishes on the eve of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan through a message endorsed bat to BK Rajni, BK Manisha and BK Hargovind.





November 20, 2010: Cuttack: Inauguration of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Campaign held at Cuttack . This program was attended by the honorable member of Rajya Sabha Bro. Sashibhushan Behera, National Co-ordinator of Rural Development Wing BK Sarla Bahen, Bro.A. S. Nand (V.U.T.) Bhubaneshwar, BK Kamlesh, BK Arun Kumar Panda, Prof. BK Kiran, BK Sulochana, BK Nathmal and various other dignitaries representing Rural Development Wing.

Addressing the gathering Chief Guest Bro.Sashibhushan Behera said that the methodology of this sustainable yogic agriculture will prove beneficial while safeguarding the interests of the agricultural community.

Hon. Speaker of this program BK Sarla bahen said that the Agriculture is the initial culture that we have developed right from the inception of this world. Agriculture is the ancient Indian culture which still proves as the best. Ancient Indian Agriculture has its great story of producing rich produce which in turn is now producing the toxic one's. With the aim to earn more money agriculturists started utilizing toxic chemicals and pesticides. Now the same practice has turned into disguise, gradually the toxic effect is now apparent on both the nature and the human. Understanding the symptoms of the food borne illnesses and the call of time for the need transformation - a new step was taken for yogic agriculture and this has proven successful. On following yogic agriculture we can enhance the flora of the soil, enrich crops nutritionally and improve productivity this results in prosperity of the nation.

Bro.Dr. S. S. Nand said that the utilization of Inorganic fertilizers will improve the productivity at the initial stage and this productivity will become stagnant or will diminish at the later stages. It is now clear from the scientific research that organic farming even can gradually enhance the productivity and can re-energize the soil. He welcomed the efforts of Brahma Kumaris for taking this initiative.

BK Kamlesh bahen said that the real prosperity of the nation can be bought back upon building the character of every individual. For developing rich character we need enriched thoughts. Prof. BK Kiran explained about the aim and objective of this campaign.

BK Arun Kumar Panda has briefed the relevance of this yogic agriculture encouraging farmers to adopt yogic agriculture quoting few examples of the vedic yuga. Bro. BK Nathmal expressed his good wishes. BK Sulochana made the welcome address. BK Asmita was the stage secretary.

Agriculture officer Dev Prasad Dasha conveyed vote of thanks. All the participants of the campaign were given with Kalash, Caps, Flags at the finale. This campaign will continue till 24 th December, 2010.


October 27, 2010: Dantiwada: BK Gayatri representing United Nations (USA), BK Gopi(UK), BK Shweta(Germany), BK Piero(Italy),BK Raju(HQ Co-Ordinator, RDW), BK Sarla (National Co-ordinator, RDW), BK Kusum, BK Bharti, BK Shivani and BK Sumanth held a meeting with the Honourable Vice-Chancellor Dr RC Maheshwari & Director of Research  Dr. S B S Tikka of S.D. Agricultural University(Gujarat) for the proposed agenda to take the results of experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation i.e. Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and to arrange for a possible representation from FAO for observation of this unique experiment.




October 11, 2010: Meeting of Vishwa Kalyani farmer's club was attended by BK Gayatri representing United Nations (USA), BK Gopi(UK), BK Shweta(Germany), BK Piero(Italy), BK Raju(HQ Co-Ordinator, RDW), BK Sarla (National Co-ordinator, RDW), BK Kusum, BK Bharti, BK Shivani(dantiwada centre).  Bro. Piero
landlord and Organic farmer from Italy has resgistered as an honorary member of this farmer's club.





October 27, 2010:
After on-field observations - BK Gayatri (USA), BK Gopi(UK), BK Shweta( Germany ), BK Piero( Italy ) and BK Sarla (National Co-ordinator, RDW) performing Rajyoga Meditation to a Sustainable Yogic Agriculture farm.






October 11, 2010:
BK Manisha Addressing Kisan Sammelan, sharing dias are BK Somprabha BK Vinayakbhai along with other dignitories.






October 11, 2010:
Karmala(Solapur): MLA Rashmithai Bagal, Bro. Ghumre sar, Sis. Anjali Srivastav, BK Somprabha on the dias in the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Awareness Campaign program.





October 10, 2010: Pachora(MAH): Lightening candles at the Inaugural Program of Kisan Sashaktikaran Mahasammelan (Conference to Empower Farmers) are MLA Chiman Aabhaji, National Co-ordinator of Rural Development Wing BK Sarla Ji, BK Minakshi, BK Mira along with other Rural Development Wing Members. About 2000 farmers and eminent personalities representing Agricultural Community attended this conference.





Sepetember 26, 2010:
Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Awareness Camp held at KPHB Colony, Hyderabad where several farmers, residents, BK students (150 people) taken benefit of this awareness camp.  BKBrothers Bolanath ,Balasaheb,Sumanth and BK Sister Savitri ,Sister Ishwari, Sister Jyoti addressed the camp.





Sepetember 26, 2010:
215 farmers taken benefit of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training & demonstration camp held at BHEL Ramchandrampuram. This program was attended by Bro. Nandishwar Goud(MLA), BK Savitri, BK Balasaheb, BK Sumanth, BK Bholenath and other corporators.





Sepetember 25, 2010:
Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Awareness Camp held at "Dr D. Rama Naidu Vignana Jyothi Institute of Rural Development". Honourable director of the institute Dr. K.N.Rao, BK Sumanth, BK Balasaheb, BK Bholenath and BK Jyoti addressed the 200 students and the faculties of the Institute.





Sepetember 18, 2010:
About three hundred people representing various organizations involved in Rural Development have taken benefit of this awareness camp on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

BK Rajubhai (HQ. Co-ordinator) from Mount Abu, BK Shakuntala Incharge of Miryalguda Sub-Zone, BK Hema(Branch Incharge), Bro.Routu Surya Prakasa Rao (MLA), Bro. Kandula Durgesh(MLC), A.Veera Raghavamma(Mayor) Other eminent personalities such as Taluka Agriculture Officer, Principal & Secretary of Agricultural College, Raitu Rajyam president, Secretary of Village Co-operative Banks and many Sarpanch from all over the district attended this program.

Addressing the Conference Bro.BK Raju said that the attainment of inherent spiritual powers is possible through the regular practice of Rajyoga Meditation. He emphasized that every Sarpanch should act with Sympathy and Easiness being Merciful and Selfless while playing a Charismatic role in the society. He also explained the relevance of various improved aspects of Agriculture such as Germination, Quantum of Production, Soil Biological Activity, Nutritious values of the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

Honourable chief Guest of the program Bro.Routu Surya Prakasa Rao(MLA) has commended the efforts of Brahma Kumaris for their role in establishing Peace in this world. He expressed his happiness on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project and said when everything is turning out to be toxic in this world, now experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation will bring a turnaround.

Bro.K.Durgesh(MLC) addressing gathering said that the consumption of chemical based fertilizers has increased from the days of green revolution. He said that, it is the need of the day to reduce the consumption of these inorganic fertilizers, but the farmers can achieve success by following organic methods only with a positive thought.

Sis.A.Veeraraghavamma (Mayor), Bro.A. Appa Rao also addressed the gathering.

Later MLA, MLC, Mayor, ZPTC member, MPP members and Authorities of Agricultural College has felicitated BK Rajubhai Ji.

Sepetember 17, 2010:
Bro.BK Raju, HQ coordinator of Rural Development Wing said that a positive bent of thought will change the success story of the Business People. President of Rice Millers Association Bro. M.Venkateshwarlu, Rotary Club President Bro. K Rammurthy & Assitant Governor Bro. G. Dayaker and Lions club president Bro.Ramanujachary and Bk. Shakunthala, Miryalguda Subzone incharge addressed this programme.

He also explained the Project of Eternal Yogic Agriculture and techniques of Rajyoga Meditation which will make healthy living.

He emphasized the Role of developing faith with the customers and act as Role Model in the society. An Entrepreneur needs to be regular and punctual while performing his duties. Playing the mentor role in the internal administration they need to behave friendly and open while giving respect to everyone. If you behave your employees like workers they will simply work and they will heartfully involve themselves, if you treat them like your family members.

He explained to role of humility and ways of a Peaceful living on the basis of Truth

Sepetember 3, 2010:
Bro. Kishan Singh Bhatol, Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sahkari Krishi and Grameen Vikas Bank addressing the conference expressed his views that, Even in this modern age, Indian villages have a major role to play for overall growth of the country. Even now the situation in the villages needs lot of improvement. There are some social evils which are hampering the integrated development of villages. In order to work for integrated development of villages, we need to liberate the villages from social evils. He also appreciated the role of Brahma Kumaris especially Rural Development Wing for their role in upliftment of Rural World.

There are plenty of government sponsored schemes for the development of rural areas but these facilities are not reaching the rural areas due to the evils of the society. Government has made lot of facilities available for farmers, but the farmers are unable to avail those facilities due to lack of awareness. Lacking for spiritual enforcement, villagers were unable to raise their thought process. It is the need of the day to promote this worldly thought of Integrated Development of Villages. He also emphasized the farmers to follow Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Methodology.

Dadi Ratanmohini Ji, Joint additional administrative head of Brahma Kumaris said that the history of rural India has set an example to the whole world. Even at the current age, it is not possible for the Indian Economy to perform well without the development in the rural areas. She emphasized the need to bring the harmony in the villagers and get rid of blind faiths which really mean the awards of Gokul Gaon or Ideal village.

We are in real need of this sort of spiritual conference to transform the thought process of the people said Bro.R.K.Patil Ji, Member of Parliament from Banda and Ex-Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh state. Expressing his views about elevated development of villages is the only way for integrated development of the Humankind. He appreciated the efforts of Brahma Kumaris working in the rural areas for de-addiction, cleanliness, literacy which stands as an inspiration to the whole world. He urged everyone to co-operate and support for such developmental activities. He emphasized the need of spiritual empowerment in the villagers which brings the actual change to bring the real awareness and makes them to react positively.

BK Karuna Ji, public relations officer of Brahma Kumaris conveyed his good wishes and expressed his faith that this conference will bring a positive change in the Rural India.

Sis.Mohini Ji, Chairperson of Rural Development Wing of Brahma Kumaris explained the aim of Rural Development Wing is to work for Integrated Development of Villages which will not only improve the conditions of the village but will also enlightens the thought process of villagers in making a better Rural India. Expressing her views about the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project, she said that this project has already proved that the elevated stage of the farmers will free them from the vicious cycle of using toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Spiritual empowerment in the farmers will pave the path for a better and healthy agricultural production.

Sis.BK Sarla Ji, National Co-ordinator of Rural Development Wing said that the wing has surpassed many milestones through its services and created history by adopting the villages for their integrated development which stands as an example for overall development.

Bro. BK Raju Ji, Head Quarter Co-ordinator of Rural Development Wing invited all the delegates. Sis. BK Jagruti Ji from Vallabh Vidhyanagar and Executive Member BK Veenu Ji addressed the delegates. Sis. BK Geeta Ji has well executed this program.

Rural Development Conference was attended by delegates from academic fraternity from agricultural universities, agricultural scientists, agricultural officers working at taluka and district levels, state directors of agriculture, representatives from media and ministries of agriculture have actively participated in this three day conference. Many aspects about Rural Development were shared in this Conference.

August 28, 2010:
Experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation will result in the Agricultural produce with rich Nutritional Contents said Sis.BK Manisha.  We can establish the loving relationship by the real understanding of the Nature.  She emphasized need of giving positive vibrations of Peace, Happiness, Love and Purity upon the seeds, so called as Bheej Sanskar. 

Bro.BK Narayanbhai explained the need for awareness of Satvic food, which is the basis of establishing a healthy and value based living.  How the undue use of Inorganic fertilizers and Pesticides are raising the pollution levels. This proves dangerous to the Human life.  He briefed about different Organic methods for preparation of Organic Manures and following organic ways.

Bro.Dr.B.B.Kabariya of Krishi Vigyan Kendra has praised the successful role of this project in making positive life style with its foundation of positive attitude.  He emphasized the need of experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation along with positive thoughts which makes the earth biologically rich even in this age of tension.

June 26-27, 2010:
A heart touching class on "Purity - The Foundation of Auspicious Brahmin Life" was delivered by Raju Bhaiji.  Evening Meditation session was experienced in the Powerful stage as a "Sun of Master Purity".   Even the Nature has responded positively by the Cold Breeze accompanied with rain getting rid of the Hot Humid climate.  Meditation in the night was held in the candle lighting experiencing the stage of dedication. 

After such wonderful Meditation Program on the first day, Meeting was held for planning about the upcomming project “EVERLASTING YOGIC FARMING CAMPAIGN” - A STEP TOWARDS NATIONAL PROSPERITY on the second day.  A roadmap was drawn for successful launch of this Nationwide campaign. A firm thought for utmost co-operation to this program was taken by all members.  Likewise loveliest Baba has sourced with a wonderful beginning even before the Launching of this Campaign.

June 4, 2010:
According to Sis.BK Sarla Ji (National Co-ordinator, RDW) - Vishwa Kalyani Farmer's Club comprises a group of farmers regularly practice Rajyoga Meditation.  They lead an addiction free life i.e. even free from pollution of human mind by getting rid of Jealousy and Hatred.  She further added that this group will meet from time to time to discuss about various aspects of improving the Quality and Productivity of the Agricultural produce while employing Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Methodology.  They will also guide the fellow farmers to lead a charismatic spiritual life.

S.D. Agricultural University is already conducting the experiments on Role of Rajyoga Meditation on various aspects of Agricultural Produce inside the university campus. While this program aimed at drawing the Rajyogi farmers together to carryout an on-site field research at the individual farmer's end.

May 26, 2010:
Get-together program for awareness on Shaswat Yogic Kheti Project held at Jammu Centre. About 100 people have taken advantage of this awareness program. Dignitories on the stage are BK Ravinder bhai, Bro.Prof.S.K.Gupta from Agriculture University at Jammu, BK Raju bhai, BK Sarla Didi, BK Sudershan Bahen.




May 21, 2010 :
Addressing the annual meeting of the Rural Development Wing at Palampur (Himachal Pradesh) is Bro. Shanta Kumar ji, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) & Ex-chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh addressing a gathering of 150 members of the Wing. Eminent personalities sharing the Dias are B.K. Sarla Didi Ji (National Co-ordinator : RDW), B.K. Raju (HQ Co-ordinator), B.K. Narayanbhai.



May 21, 2010:
Shri. Hiralal, MLA, Karsog (Himachal Pradesh) Addressing in Annual Meeting of Rural Development Wing’s Members at Palampur (Himachal).





March 23, 2010 :
Icar sponsored program about “Advances in Crop Production under Fragile Environment” held at G. V. Pant Unversity of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar(Uttaranchal) in which 40 scientists from different parts of the country, 35 students of Agronomy Dept. and a few farmers have taken advantage of the lectures on Shaswat Yogic Kheti Methodology.



April 01, 2010 :

Shaswat Yogic Kheti Training Program arranged by Rural Wing at Palanpur in which 300 farmers took advantage of the demonstrations and the training given by BK Farmers. This program was held in the presence of the Banaskantha District collector.



April 24-25, 2010 :

Brain Storming Seminar on Yogic Krishi held at S. D. Agricultural University, Dantiwada was attended by 80 delegates including Director of Research, Registrar, Professors, Lecturers and students of the University.


Dantivada Brain Stormin Seminar


August 30, 2009:

Samrudhi ka kadam – Shaswat Yogic Kheti conference held at Amreli (Gujarat). About 1000 farmers were trained in this program.

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